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Ground Service Equipment

GSE Ground Service Equipment

We develop, design and manufacture GSE products.


We start the product development by first getting to know the product that’s being used, and seeing what problems occur. We want to know what features the new product needs to have, or what the new product needs to do performance wise.



When we manufacture products it’s important to make sure that the product is as accurate as it is in the drawings, no room for big tolerances, this is why we have high-quality machines in use like lasers, tube lasers, milling, lathe, welding machines, and many others.



Now that we know what features the new product needs to have, we can start desingin it. Our designers have the latest designing programs to make accurate drawings, even in 3D.

Surface treatment

To ensure a long lifetime for our products, we have the capability for glass and sandblasting before galvanization to one of our various choices of coatings.