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Rescue equipment


High quality and practical ShoreSafety rescue equipment create safety on beaches and give a good impression of the operator maintaining the beach. The placement of rescue equipment should be planned carefully, and we are happy to review the beach rescue equipment with the customer. The ShoreSafety products are well-suited for marinas, levees, beaches, beach plazas, and anywhere in the vicinity of water. All the life-saving equipment components are made of materials of the highest quality, such as sea-grade aluminium, stainless steel and polyethylene plastic. This means that the materials are highly corrosion resistant.


Life buoy

Official Solas approved life buoy, suitable for use in docks, boats and ships. The life buoy is of hard plastic and uretane filled, with four reflectors on both sides. Available with and without a throwing rope. Outer diameter 72.5 cm, weight 2,5 kg.

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The stationary rescue ladder is made of sturdy steel than can be powder painted with different colours as necessary. The five-step rescue ladder is 1.6 metres long. Ladders are also available with a longer step distance of about 30 cm up to the length of 3.6 metres. The mounting points of the rescue ladder and the flat iron bars used for mounting can be customised as necessary.

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Life buoy holder

A complete life buoy kit. Includes a life buoy, a throwing rope and a stand suitable for the mounting platform.


Rescue equipment post

The rescue post for quays includes an aluminium post complete with fittings and mounting accessories, a 4-metre aluminium-edged and EPS-filled floating ladder, a 5-metre plastic coated rescue hook with a flag, and a SOLAS-approved life buoy with a 25-metre throwing rope.

Rescue raft

A new, simpler rescue raft model is now available. Compact in size.

Rescue station

The rescue station includes, in addition to the aforementioned rescue post complete with accessories, rescue raft RR3. A person overboard can be easily pulled onto the rescue raft even if unconscious. The raft is highly stable, lightweight and easy to row. The raft is so designed that a person overboard can be pulled onto the raft without the rescuer having to change position on the rescue raft.

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