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Chains and shackles

Graded mooring chains and shackles

A graded chain is a chain that has been manufactured to a specific quality level/standard.

Our chains

We sell Aseke® graded chains for mooring and industrial applications. Aseke® is a renowned global company specialised in the manufacture of mooring and lifting chains from a variety of materials, including hot dip galvanised and untreated carbon steel and acid-proof steal. Aseke® has already manufactured chains for nearly a hundred years!
Chain sizes 13-42 mm


G40 is the most common grading for a mooring chain that withstands well in the majority of applications. However, for certain applications, a more durable chain is required. For such purposes, we also have Alloy 9415 graded chains available.
An example of the use of Alloy 9415 chain: if your current buoy chain is 19 mm G40, you can just as well use a 16 mm Alloy 9415 chain, since the use/breaking strength is nearly the same for both. The benefit of the latter is the lesser weight of the chain, which also reduces mechanical wear.

Axxa's chain, Aseke®

Aseke® is a Norwegian company established in 1927. One of the world’s largest chain producers, Aseke® manufactures the biggest chains in the world. However, the majority of the chains produced are 13-42 mm graded chains suitable for mooring and industrial applications. All the chains are manufactured with European fully automated machines, resulting in consistent quality even in large production batches.

Ungraded chain

Genuine or non-genuine? Very few companies sell graded chain in Finland, and even fewer of them sell graded mooring chain. When you are purchasing graded chain, it is important to check the manufacturer of the chain concerned. If the chain has merely been outsourced to be made somewhere, the quality can be anything. But you don’t buy a car, for that matter, if you don’t know the brand, do you? The certificate must show a connection to the chain you purchased, because there is an infinite number of certificate copies in circulation. A pull test alone will not tell you much. A chain that has been tempered too hard will indeed pass the pull tests, but when the chain is used in seawater conditions, it is at risk of breaking.


Grade 40, 30m/sack

13mm 300m/pallet

16mm 240m/pallet

19mm 150m/pallet

Alloy 9415:2009, 50m/sack

13mm 300m/pallet

16mm 250m/pallet

19mm 150m/pallet

Graded shackles safety factor 1/6

20mm 30pcs/box

22mm 20pcs/box