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Boomfloats 90 and 110L

In the old days, traditional boat buoys were used as boom floats. The buoys have done their job, but we noticed a number of problems in them. The buoys fastened to a boat boom have a weak and complex fastening mechanism, the boat buoy is unnecessarily wide, and its lifecycle is short. We solved these problems with our briefcase float design. Axxa’s briefcase float provides the most durable and easiest fastening mechanism on the market (for a 60×80 mm or 60×100 mm profile), and the total width of the float in only 300 mm.
• Briefcase floats are available in two sizes: 90 l and 110 l
• The briefcase floats and bumpers are manufactured in Finland.
• Rotationally moulded and filled structure
• Multiple times stronger fastening mechanism compared to buoys
• Narrow-profiled float does not consume boat berth space
• Quick to install (2 bolts)
• No underwater rusting parts (longer lifecycle)
• Affordable fastening solution with no unnecessary steel parts
• Warranty 5 years

Design bases:
The problems posed by the width of the boat buoys and their weak and truly annoying fastening method were the starting points in response to which we launched the product development of the briefcase float. Thanks to product development, the briefcase float is now considerably more practical than the buoy float. The new design saves 26 cm/boat berth as compared to the buoy. The installation process is considerably faster and simpler: the briefcase can be slipped under the profile even before removing the old float, allowing it to float the boom already during the installation stage and facilitate the removal of the old float. When the old float has been removed, the float is slipped into place and fastened with two bolts. The installation of the briefcase float takes one minute at most, and this, if anything, is what you could call cost-effective.

Packing sizes

90L boomfloas red/black 12 & 24pcs
110L boomfloat red/black 12 & 18pcs