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Boat buoys

Durable & maintenance-free

Our buoys feature thick material strength, high-quality filling material and, above all, airtight construction. (Out buoys are fitted with an inner pipe.)
An Axxa buoy can be easily spotted from a distance from the reflector on the rod that helps in finding the buoy in the dark.
The boat attachment ring in the boat buoy has been lifted as high as possible, the height being approx. 1 metre above surface after installation.
The biggest challenge for a boat buoy is to make it last undamaged over the winter. Frost and ice exert stress on the buoy during the winter, for which reason it is very extremely important to purchase a high-quality buoy.

Packing sizes

75L buoy + rod 24pcs
100L buoy + rod 12pcs
150L buoy + rod 12pcs