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Our quay accessories are always manufactured of graded steel in certified production facilities to guarantee optimal durability in use.
Quay accessories must be manufactured of high-quality materials using correct manufacturing methods to guarantee that they will withstands the harsh Finnish sea conditions.

Ankkurointi lenkki

Anchoring loop

13mm (18mm hole)
18mm (22mm hole)

Aluminium bollard

Aluminium bollard now allso availible in anodiced coating

Boat rings

Boats rings of graded steel with long threads.

Kallioon kiinnitettävä teräsksinen lenkki ankkurointia varten

Rock eye bolt with a wedge

Suitable for mounting in concrete and rock. Mounting that allows hundreds of different variations. Also available with an extra eye.

Laituri nivel

Dock joint

Håles 18mm and 22mm


Kulmarauta laituriin

Angle iron

Hot dip galvanised angle iron for all kinds of fastening applications. The other mounting hole in the angle iron provides adjustment allowance.

Laiturin nivel


The hot dip galvanised dock joints are made of steel and of sturdy construction.


Dock springs

Made of spring steel and corrosion protected by thick-film passivation. Manufactured in Finland.
End loops at 45° angle.
Sizes (material strength x length x thickness):

Putken muotoisen kellukeen kiinnike

Pipe pontoon collars

The hot dip galvanised fastening collar for dock pontoons is a durable and sturdy solution. Sizes: 315 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 630 mm.
Fastening collars for plastic pipe pontoons are also available in A2 and A4 grade steel.

Arkkukelluke 300L

Chest float (300 l pontoon, 450 l pontoon)

Chest floats made of polyethylene plastic, available empty or filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS). Fully sealed, watertight construction.
The float is fastened under the dock with ten screws. Wall thickness 5–8 mm. The design is curved in the downward direction.

300 l: width 600 mm on the top, 500 mm on the bottom, height 600 mm, length 1,005 mm on the top and 900 mm on the bottom. Carrying capacity 280 kg when empty and 270 kg when EPS-filled.
450 l: width 800 mm on the top, 700 mm on the bottom, height 600 mm, length 1,205 mm on the top and 1,100 mm on the bottom. Carrying capacity 432 kg when empty and 420 kg when EPS-filled.
Pallet size 4–8 pcs

Poijun varsi heijasteella

Buoy rod

Buoy rod fitted with a reflector, diameter 76 mm, material strength 3 mm.
Available with and without a bottom bracket.
Package sizes:

Veneaisan suoja

Boom shield

PVC plastic, soft bumper surfaces, grey, for 80×60 mm profile, sawn to length

Nylon laituripyörä käyntisillan alle

Dock wheel


Poijukellukkeen putki venepuomiin

Buoy rod

10pcs minimum

Luokiteltu sakkeli


CE-marked hotdip galvanized

20mm 30pcs/box
22mm 20pcs/box