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Axxa Marine

Professional leisure marina products

Axxa is a wholesaler of marina products. Our customers include cities, municipalities, dock manufacturers and boat clubs. The Axxa brand is recognised for its top quality and dependability. The equation ‘cheap and good’ is not part of our vocabulary. Axxa’s products bring cost-efficiency and help in developing marinas.

Axxa-Tech Oy is a highly solvent and reliable partner. In Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s credit rating, we have been awarded the ‘Strongest in Finland’ rating since 2007. Our strengths include personal and competent customer service.

Own production

One of Axxa’s strengths is product development. We develop increasingly well-functioning products and carry out customer-specific product development. We have a proven track record of providing our customers with cost-effective solutions, and there has been increased demand for our product developed.

Our greatest successes include our proprietary AK pontoons, boom floats and walkable boat booms. We have a lot of new ideas and new things to develop, and we are fully engaged in the development of new solutions!

Axxa as a brand

The Axxa brand is renowned for its quality and performance. The most important thing for us is to help our customers. Our original and innovative products solve problems that may emerge during use. And for this we have received praise from our customers – a product of higher value and quality will eventually prove a cheaper solution.

Product development

Best quality

The equation 'cheap and good' is not part of our vocabulary – we opt for 'the best quality and appropriate price'

Genuine savings are not obtained by buying the cheapest product. To make a product cheap, compromises need to be made with regard to aspects such as raw materials, thickness of material, number of welds, coatings, and many other things.

Cost-effectiveness is attained by way of lifecycle thinking, i.e. by using products of high quality that last many times longer than a cheap product of poor quality.

Consumers NOTE!!

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